ID#: 1713 Jul 28 : Online : XFC 36 Live Streaming: 28 July 2018

The event has ended!
Saturday, July 28, 2018

XFC 36 Live Streaming : Saturday 28 July 2018
XFC 36: Joiner vs Tafa
Saturday 07.28.2018 at 04:00 AM ET
Location: Mansfield, Queensland, Australia


XFC 36 Quick Card

Jeremy Joiner vs. Justin Tafa 265 lbs
Kaela Banney vs. Kim Piper 105 lbs
Chris Lokteff vs. J. Fraser 205 lbs
Michael McDaniel vs. J. Cristopoulos 205 lbs
Bevan O’Malley vs. Jackson Small 145 lbs
Lewis Shally vs. Patrick Byrne 145 lbs
Sean Olsen vs. Michael Tepou 165 lbs
Tom Nolan vs. Aaron Mcconnell 145 lbs
Nick Smith vs. Mike Cooper 155 lbs
Tahleigh Cassidy vs. Hannah Thomas 135 lbs
Mitch Mclaren vs. Wade McConnell 135 lbs
Dane Alchin vs. Callum Kahupukoro 265 lbs

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